Is Ryobi a Good Brand? – Know More about Ryobi Tools

If you’ve recently visited any Home Depot, you’ll notice that one of the most advertised brands in the store is Ryobi. Many people believe that Ryobi is one of Home Depot’s store brands. Ryobi’s position in the market is one for the mid-tier market, targeting DIYers (Do It Yourself-ers) who want to work on their home projects. However, one question always arises – 

Is Ryobi a Good Brand?

When I looked up for any Ryobi power tool, I was happy to find that most tools had a 4 to 4.8 rating even after a lot of reviews. Consumers have a really good opinion about the company, and the rave reviews show that the tools are actually of decent quality. After going through a lot of reviews, what I found was:


  • Some of the tools are slightly heavy; the additional heft is yet no problem.
  • Nailers from Ryobi need a little more oil to make sure that they don’t jam. Oiling your tool can give you a smooth functioning. 
  • The Battery life of the brand is pretty great and works for a longer period of time. It can perform long run operations without any hurdles.

Overall, the users are satisfied with the company’s quality and don’t seem to have any issues with the brand. Users conduct their products to work efficiently and maintain the quality and consistency of work for a longer period of time. 

Strengths of Ryobi brand

Some of the strengths of the Ryobi brand are: 

  • Price: The price is probably always the main reason people are considering buying a Ryobi tool, and there’s no doubt that one can save money. There are other well-known brands in the market, like DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. These brands are 20% more expensive as compared to Ryobi.  
  • Battery: Another aspect of Ryobi’s most significant performance is the battery life. The batteries are interchangeable amongst One+ power and some garden tools. Nowadays, Ryobi runs on lithium-ion batteries, and this has improved the quality a lot. Users are more comfortable with the new batteries. 
  • One+ System: A great reason to invest in the Ryobi brand is because of itsOne+ battery function. After 25 years of expertise in the brand has improved and taken a step ahead with using lithium-ion batteries.
  • Design: Another great selling point of the brand is its design. It is very lightweight and has a compact design. This suits our users very well and is easy to handle. If you want to work for a longer period, you must invest in Ryobi to handle long working hours. 

Warranty: Ryobi offers three-year warranty service on the purchase of cordless tools. It is indeed a tremendously attractive selling point beneficial for the users to invest in the brand. 

125 successful Products of Ryobi

Ryobi’s range of products has more than 125 successful tools. All of them vary from the need and the essential ways of using it. There are garden tools in common with a niche like seed spreaders, etc. The few most popular and highest selling items are below. 

  1. Drill driver
  2. Hammer drill
  3. SDS+ drill
  4. Impact driver
  5. Impact wrench
  6. Angle drill
  7. Miter saw
  8. Circular saw
  9. Reciprocating saw
  10. Jigsaw
  11. Planer
  12. Multitool
  13. Grinder
  14. Tile saw
  15. RO sander
  16. Corner sander

FAQs about Ryobi

To help you understand the brand better, I have answered a commonly asked question:

Who makes Ryobi power tools?

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese manufacturer that makes the components for automobile, electronics, and telecommunications industries. Ryobi’s Tools is owned by Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong, which interestingly also produces Milwaukee and Craftsman brands.

The company was established in 1943 by the name of Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd, and started the production of power tools in 1968. After five years, the company changed its name to Ryobi.

Bottom Line:

If you’re a DIY hobbyist or beginner, they should definitely buy Ryobi as it is worth buying. However, if you’re in the trade and need something that’s going to last you for years, then it’s best to buy into the better-known brands such as Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee. Be realistic in your expectations.

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