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The house owners having wooden decks in their backyard or balconies often look for an ideal deck stain to help them seal and protect the decks. And although there are many sealers and stains available in the market, One Time Wood Protector is a leading choice among the buyers. This product from Bond Distributing Ltd quickly became the bestseller and also created much hype for the same. If you are wondering if it is really worth it, then this blog with detailed review will help you decide.

Before looking at the review and my personal experience with this protector, let’s quickly go through the features and claims made by the manufacturers for this One Time Deck Stain.

Key features:

  • The sealer is made using 100% solids in liquid form and has no solvents.
  • This wood protector stain works well for protecting wood decks, fences, docks, log homes and much more.
  • It delivers a natural finish wood and also helps in enhancing the color of any wooden surface.
  • The company claims that this sealer can help in protecting the wooden surfaces for seven years and also more.
  • There are color options available for this sealer and hence you can select the one that matches the color of your wooden deck.
  • It has a no-drip formula that doesn’t chip, flake, overlap, or cracks for delivering the topnotch result.
  • This sealer is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals who like to do all such woodwork by themselves.


One Time Wood Protector Reviews

The sealant’s overall performance is based on several factors. Let us go through all these features and look at its performance in the specific category:

Formulation: One Time Deck Stain is different from other sealants and stains available because it doesn’t need reapplication every year like other wood protectors. As it is completely made of solids, it can bind with the wood’s surface well and provide the deck with needed protection. The sealant can penetrate the wooden’s interior structure and protect it against the sunlight and UV rays that are responsible for the damage and fading of the color. So when it comes to formulation and the mechanism it adopts for protecting, it stands out from other stains as it has no silicones, waxes, oils, solvents, or water.

Preparation before application: Like all the other sealants, this one also needs a prepped surface for applying the stain. Get rid of all the previously applied sealant with the help of a good sealant remover thoroughly. Let the wooden deck dry for 24 to 48 hours and then start applying the sealer.

Application process: The best feature of this sealant is that it is effortless to apply this wood stain. One can apply this wood protector with a brush and roller. It applies evenly and dries down to a flawless finish. However, it is crucial to let that sealant dry down completely for one to two days. Make sure that you keep the deck in sunlight so that the sealant is cured and dried quickly.

First impression after the application: One Time Wood Protector stands true to its claim as it gives a rich color to the wood and also an excellent finish. The sealant looks smooth and covers the wood well as compared to the other stains.

Chipping or Flaking: This is one claim that has been 100% fulfilled by the product as the sealant doesn’t chip, peel or flake. It also helps in preventing the growth of mold and mildew. However, it doesn’t completely stop it.

Value for Money: One Time Deck Stain is an expensive alternative as compared to other conventional sealants. The price for one gallon of this protector stain is approximately twice the cost of some wood stains. But if we look at other features and the claim of lasting longer than other sealants helps to cut down on reapplication, which also helps you to save money. So although it is pricier than the other alternatives, the features of this product make it worth those extra bucks.

Longevity and reapplication: Although the manufacturers claim that it can last for seven years or so, the truth is it doesn’t. The sealer can last for good two to three years, depending upon the country you live in. Harsh weather conditions can affect the longevity of this sealant. And when it comes to reapplication, the process is not as easy as it is for the first time application. One might need to strip the sealer using a heavy-duty remover or sealant stripper completely before reapplying it.

Closing Thoughts

After using it myself for my wooden deck sitting area in my house, I am impressed by the result of this sealer. The most interesting feature of this stain was its finishing and how beautiful it made the deck’s appearance. I did face some issues while drying the stain, but overall it is a good buy for someone who wants to invest in a premium quality sealant. Also, I would suggest going through the color variants thoroughly to make the right choice for your wooden surface. The sealant can last for more than a year and fades a bit in its second year. Overall I prefer this stain over others due to its result and the fact that it doesn’t chip. In a nutshell, One Time Wood Protector is an excellent sealant to invest for a long time.

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